Sovos Joins DBNAlliance to Enhance Seamless Global Business Networks

Sovos Joins DBNAlliance to Enhance Seamless Global Business Networks

Sovos announced its alignment with the Digital Business Networks Alliance (DBNAlliance) as an early member. As a major player in the industry, processing over 11 billion transactions each year, Sovos’ membership is a substantial show of support for DBNAlliance’s mission to rapidly deploy a framework of standards and supporting services for seamless electronic data exchange in the U.S., across the Atlantic, and globally.

The DBNAlliance Exchange Framework, rooted in the open standards first launched in Europe and now embraced by governments and industries worldwide, paves the way for a network-of-networks that will simplify the exchange of intricate business and administrative data.

“Invoices may seem mundane at first glance, but they are conduits for crucial economic information. A transformative global movement is underway that recognizes that when high levels of automation can be achieved among businesses, these supply chain messages become invaluable assets for governments and industries alike,” said Christiaan Van Der Valk, vice president, strategy and regulatory, Sovos.

“While the U.S. aims to use e-invoicing mainly to advance digital payments, many nations are leveraging real-time, standardized transactions to fuel a data revolution with far-reaching societal advantages.”

The DBNAlliance focuses on fusing global expertise for domestic impact by operating an electronic delivery exchange network available for use by all businesses in the U.S. This network allows customers of service providers to communicate seamlessly with customers of all other service providers. The alliance is bringing together experts from around the world to create a robust open Exchange Framework and accelerate U.S. e-invoicing adoption.

“We are extremely excited to welcome Sovos as an early member of the Digital Business Networks Alliance,” said Chris Welsh, chair of the DBNAlliance Board. “As a market leader in the e-invoicing space, its presence further demonstrates the industry’s commitment to advancing the cause of seamlessly linking digital sales and purchasing transactions within both the U.S. and international business communities.”

This collaboration marks a pivotal step towards achieving a more connected and efficient global business network, and we look forward to the continued progress and innovation it will bring.

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This new exchange network, backed by various industry bodies, allows businesses to connect once, and share electronic documents with one another, regardless of the platform, system, application or network used for processing documents. Participants can easily find their business partners on the exchange network, facilitating seamless connectivity.

If you want to contribute to making invoicing simpler, faster, and more accessible for businesses in the United States, we encourage you to register as a member of the DBNAlliance.

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