Service Provider DocStudio Launches DBNAlliance Interconnection

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Service Provider DocStudio Launches DBNAlliance Interconnection

On April 4, 2024, DocStudio initiated the first data exchanges from DocStudio to Storecove via the U.S. open exchange network. This exchange was facilitated using the AS/4 technology protocol, employing SML and SMP technologies for seamless message routing within the four-corner model network.

This development signifies that all e-invoice providers have now joined a value-added network (VAN), enabling seamless interconnection between them. Businesses can now utilize a single connection to transmit e-invoices and other business documents to any counterparty, requiring only the partner’s ID (such as EIN, DUNS, GLN number, or others).

For each document sent, there are designated roles: document senders (“Corner 1” or C1), the sender’s provider (C2), the receiver’s provider (C3), and the receiver itself (C4). While senders and receivers can communicate in any preferred manner and format, a common standard (UBL 2.3), communication protocol (AS/4), and several other policies and technologies are mandated on the digital backbone.

This approach provides a straightforward and accessible means for companies of all sizes to implement e-invoicing or any other document types with all partners, without the need to adopt any specific provider or portal.

DocStudio is currently seeking testing opportunities with other providers and exploring alternative avenues, such as e-remittance exchange in the format proposed by the BPC (Business Payments Coalition) initiative.

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The new exchange network, backed by various industry bodies, allows businesses to connect once, and share electronic documents with one another, regardless of the platform, system, application or network used for processing documents. Participants can easily find their business partners on the exchange network, facilitating seamless connectivity.

If you as a service provider wish to contribute to making invoicing simpler, faster, and more accessible for businesses in North America, we encourage you to register as a member of the DBNAlliance.

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